I began my journey in photography in the summer of 2000. I was working in Glacier National Park and began shooting with my wife’s all manual 35mm Minolta while in my off time. I quickly became enamored with the medium and soon it was my primary hobby.

Photography was a particularly well suited art form for me as it not only appealed to my need to be creative, but also because it is so strongly rooted in science as well. I found it easy to study both the art and the technical aspects. I could spend hours reading about artists and their work or dive into texts about how the medium works. I studied the history, the images, the chemistry and the physics.

I worked for several years as a portrait photographer in the Portland Oregon area and even assisted in the management of a portrait studio across the river in Vancouver, Washington. I also began photographing music groups in the area and local concerts. In 2004, I decided, however, to leave professional photography behind and return to college.

At Portland State University, I studied a variety of subjects eventually graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Letters with a minor in Russian Language and Literature. A large amount of my course load consisted of photography and art, including some teaching assistant positions.

Currently, I photograph largely as my personal hobby. My interests include primarily concerts, events and art. My art tends to be based on process and a lot of my themes or motif are emergent from that. I am well versed in a variety of photographic media and processes including film, digital, tri-color, cross processing and infrared and I am proficient in both the darkroom and digital post-processing.

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